The Writer's Dilemma : A short Story for GOD

The Writer's Dilemma 
Yasvir Sorout ( )

The writer had read the passage for two times but he decided to read it one more time. He has been working on this story for a long time. Actually a very long time. He had tried to write this story for many times but every time, he found some error so he had to start over.

But this time, he was happy with his new story. He was happy that finally he had gotten some intelligent characters. He smiled proudly and looked at the passage one more time.

" Hey" Suddenly a sound struck to his ears. He looked here and there but there was no one but an absolute void.
" Hey" the sound came again. The writer again tried to found out who it was.
" Hey, look down" the sound came.

The writer looked down and found a very tiny man standing on the same passage he had just written. The writer was bewildered. He closed his eyes and jerked his head and looked again. The tiny man was still standing there.
" Yes. I am a real person." The tiny man said rudely. " I have some doubts about me. Can you explain those to me?"

The writer was shocked. he could not believe that he was talking to one his character that he had just written. But he spoke hesitantly," O....O....Okay. What are ..your doubts ?"
" First of all tell me, why will my wife divorce me?"

" Because you are a rude man who is cheating his wife " The writer replied.
" Okay. Second doubt- Why am I the rude person? Couldn't you just write me as cute person?" the tiny man complained.

" But there are already so many cute guys. And also, I can give  you whatever characteristics I want to but you have full freedom to change them."
" Do I ?" The man said sarcastically.

"Yes. There are so many characters in this story who have changed their personality. I, then , had to make some adjustment. If they could change themselves , so could you"  writer replied.
" Oh.. what a crappy answer. You suck."

" Yes. he is absolutely right" Suddenly a tiny girl appeared in an another passage of the book. " you really suck" The girl said angrily.

" Now , what is your problem? writer asked.
"Well, first of all, why am I a girl?"
" Because there are only two gender in Humans"
" So, why didn't you make me a boy?" the girl complained.
" why do you want to be a boy?"

" because then, I will have all the freedom. And no other gender will be able to oppress me."
But before the writer could say anything, an another tiny girl appeared in another page.
" Yes. Tell me why you made us girls weak."
" I did not make you weak. You chose to be weak. For me, you all are equal. For me, you all are humans."

" Then, why did you make genders?"
" Forget genders, tell why am I Old?" a very old man appeared in another passage.
" Because that is the life cycle. You take birth, then grow to be an adult and then become old and ultimately death." The writer replied.

" But why? Couldn't you just leave us young only. No one  wants to die or at least give us longer life"
" Believe me, in my previous story , I gave the longer life and in my very first story, I had made only one gender, but I had to end things very drastically. You do not want that end." The writer tried to convince them.

" Okay. Then why could you not just write female as stronger character." the second tiny girl asked.
"For me, male and female both are equally strong and equally weak."

The second tiny girl took it as an offense. " Look, mister Creator, Women are stronger than men."
" No, you are not. You both are equal."
" We are not equal. Men are stronger. " Now the tiny man spoke in between.
The both tiny girl felt offended and all three of them got into a huge debate. The writer tried to calm them down.

" Look guys. don't fight. I am still writing the story. Have faith in me, everyone will get justice. Today, men can be little dominating but women's days are coming also. This is how it is going to happen."
" Well, we do not care what is coming next. " The man said angrily.
" What do you mean?" The writer asked.
" Well, you are no longer authorized to write anything in this story." The first tiny woman spoke.
" I do not understand"

" Okay. In simple words, we will complete this story now. You have no right to write about us."
" But I am your creator. And only I know the ending. You will not be able to handle this story."
" You do not worry about that. We will handle it better than you. You are nothing but a hopeless writer who does not know what he is trying to write."

" How can you even say that?" the writer's heart had been shattered. His creation had turned against him.
" We do not need to explain it to you. You created us but now your work is done." the old man said.

The writer looked at his book. Just a few moment back, he was proud that he had created an intelligent story. But it had turned out to be the most arrogant and foolish story that he had ever written.
" Believe me. you will mess up big time. You can write the story but let me control it at least." The writer begged.

" Can't you get it. We do not need you." The first tiny girl said very rudely..
Tears started to rolling down writer's cheeks. He had no choice but to give up the story. After all, it was he who had written free-will concept.

" Okay. I am leaving. I have only request- Take care of my story." The writer said while wiping his tears and he disappeared.

All the characters cheered very loudly. Now, they were completely free. All of them were very excited. Now, they were the in-charge of their stories. Now, they were the creator and inventor. And first thing they invented, was the Religion. Second thing they invented, was castism , racism and sexism. Third thing they invented, was war.

And when they could not find anything else to invent, they mixed these three inventions up. All the characters were very proud on their inventions. But writer knew the consequences. He tried to intervene two or three times but it was too late now. Things started to get worse.

Soon, the characters started to realize that. They tried to control the consequences.  But more they tried to control , more bad thing started to invent themselves. The characters were not able to understand what was happening. So, they begged the writer to take the control back.
They prayed and prayed but the writer did not answer. He had moved on.

He is creating something else, something beautiful , something more intelligent, something which will not turn against him.

The characters are hoping that their creator; their writer will come back one day. May be, he will indeed come back but he will not save this story. If the writer indeed comes back, he will come to end this story. To end it forever.